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World information and vital documents. Please read carefully.
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Please submit all all accepted character claims here, following the directions inside. Further updates, guides, events, rumors, and creature sightings will also be posted here.
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Ingress and Consequence / 33 threads / 109 posts
Character plot pages, and additional planning.
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Sanctum Loft / 10 threads / 81 posts
The Sanctum’s uppermost quarter. Rising high above the lower shops and apartments, the Sanctum Loft contains the more exquisite businesses, as well as the largest, most impressive homes and complexes. Gothic pinnacles and spires raise high into the gray sky, and even some of the more modern buildings have ornate tracery or looming gargoyles. Gardens preserve untainted flora, and small museums, galleries and theaters cement the Loft as the center of the Sanctum’s growing entertainment industry. In the center of the district sits the Lambent Court, the legislative seat of the Sanctum.


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Lower Sanctum / 7 threads / 37 posts
The common district of the Penumbra Sanctum. Most of the average homes and apartments are centered here, built in the similar Victorian Gothic fashions of the Loft. A number of cobblestone roads run between the buildings, twisting into alleyways and wide enough for a decent flow of traffic. Horse drawn carriages, small motorbikes and the very rare car putter along the streets, while shoppers move about their business, and people travel to and from work.

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The Circuit / 5 threads / 12 posts
The outer district of the Sanctum. The Circuit is comprised of the cheapest housing and business districts, as well as wide stretches of farmland that exists protected within the city walls. A few small forests and orchards, as well as ponds and a stream cut through, and at the end stands the Sanctum’s protective wall, covered with ruins and symbols from hundreds of cultures, many unknown. The city gates are protected by a small hold, and guards often patrol the walls, and keep a vigilant watch. If you are close enough to the walls during the day, you can even see the line where the Gray Sun doesn’t reach, and the inky blue-black of night that exists beyond the protective boundaries.

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Abyssal Shore / 1 threads / 12 posts
Stretching to the south from the cliffs that protect the Penumbra Sanctum, the shore borders the frontier, separated by dunes, rocky beaches and a few thin, salt-burnt trees. The water of Piceous sea stretches out from the shore as far as the eye can see, black as the night but salty as any regular ocean, and just about as safe to drink. Old ships, the carcasses of sea creatures and other livings...things push through the sands and creep along the slick stones, covered with mussels, abalone and more than a few unusual critters that bite back. A few rotting docks, tangled with kelp and swollen with seawater can be found stretching out into the surf. One might even find a stray umbrella, along with an empty bathing suit, or an unfinished picnic, or even a buried submarine missile.

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Wandering Archipelago / 0 threads / 0 posts
Just barely within telescopic view from the high walls of the Sanctum is a chain of islands shrouded in mist. The area surrounding the islands is the farthest anyone has ever sailed the Piceous Sea, and no other land past it has been discovered, and those that go looking rarely come back. Sometimes abandoned ships can be found still sailing through the mist, other times they carry passengers; creatures or humans who have suddenly entered Umbra. Monsters lurk in the deep dark waters, beings suited to hunt in the dark fog. Any ships that plan to go sailing must be prepared for the endless night, and what swims far beneath.
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Frontier Eternal / 3 threads / 13 posts
The largest documented region in Umbra, the still, sweeping prairie of the Frontier Eternal extends out from the cliffs and beaches near the Sanctum. Illuminated only by the light of the moon, the flatlands are covered in thick grass and few sparse trees, bend and windblown. Most of the frontier is empty; nothing but rolling grass plains for miles; though here and there a lone barn or farmhouse will stand, or a lonely oil pumpjack stuck in eternal motion. Ghost towns have been discovered here and there, though they vanish sometimes as suddenly as they appear, as well as strange obelisks and old vehicles. Rotting railways run along some of the ground, and then disappear only to start up somewhere else. Creatures; Consumed and animal alike hunt and stalk across the plains, and the bones of camps, travelers and beasts molder in the meadows.
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Enginewood / 1 threads / 3 posts
The northernmost forest, the Enginewood gets its name from its unusual growth. Most of the wood is made up of trees; redwoods that reach up into the night and blot out the moonlight, twisted birches and miles of pine, oak and elm. Between the tall trees, the crumbling ruins of skyscrapers stand, overgrown with vines and infested with forest residents. Deep clanking can often be heard from strange machines, large geared contraptions that spring from the soil and grown from the sides of trees, sometimes hung with chains and elevated platforms. Loudspeaker like growths sprout from bark, and hiss with static and other disturbing sounds. Eerie cries and howls rumble from within the dark forest, and sometimes trees crackle and burn from the inside out as if struck by lightning.

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The Edge / 0 threads / 0 posts
The borderlands between the central Antumbra and Umbra’s eastern reaches. Leading from the far reaches of the frontier to the rocky lowlands near the mountains, there is little to be seen besides a few small, strangely plain forests and the occasional decrepit building. Because of its relativity flat geography, dry temperatures and access to most of Umbra, it’s become a common site of camps for the caravans and various hunter groups, and small fires and the glow of lanterns or headlights can sometimes be seen.
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Ebon-Sol / 0 threads / 0 posts
The City of the Black Sun. Built on the remains of a city that appears have fallen into a sinkhole long ago, Ebon-Sol is made of stone and wooden buildings with a strange-burnt black color. Ash comes away when one wipes against stone, and because it is built into the side of a mountain, it snows nearly all the time. The buildings above the large, acre-wide sinkhole are crooked in construction, and seem almost piled on top of one another; unsteady as its citizens. Rope and wood bridges cross up and down the sinkhole, and the deeper you go the darker and more disturbing the city becomes.

Previously, Ebon-Sol was a place where the Consumed congregated as they degenerated; starving and raving in the streets. Now however, with the arrival of the First Cause movement, a thin society has formed. Cursed, Consumed and those not welcome in the Sanctum live in the city to the best of their ability, face’s hidden by masks as decreed by the First Cause; a city of hidden selves.
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Cimmerian Maw / 1 threads / 8 posts
A range of mountains that separates the frontier from some of the southern lands. The Maw is a collection of high, jagged peaks, covered in thick pine forest and rolling mist. Cold and dark, many places on the mountain see regular snowfall, and there are many crevices and pitfalls that make it dangerous to traverse in the constant night. Like most of Umbra, abandoned signs of civilization remain dispersed throughout the mountain range; cabins, fire-towers and even an empty ski-lodge. The Desolate Road is the only flat, ‘safe’ path through the range, though there are many overgrown, winding footpaths that end in drops or dead ends.
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The Stygian Channel / 0 threads / 0 posts
The largest body of water besides the basin in all of traveled Umbra, the Stygian Channel is a braided river that travels from north to south, and splits the desert and parts of the moors from the rest of Umbra. Unlike the ocean, the water appears to be a normal clear color, and safe to drink. The channel splits into numerous smaller channels, and appears winding and braided, separated by pocket-like sediment beds. Depths vary, while some are deep enough for small boats the braided nature of the river makes it difficult to navigate and shallows are sudden.
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Tin-Grim Desert / 0 threads / 0 posts
Far across Umbra lies the Tim-Grim desert, a seemingly endless stretch of red and brown sand, sloping dunes, canyons and rock formations. Short scrub covers the closet regions, while vegetation becomes sparser as one travels. It rarely rains, and while not hot due to the endless night, the desert is warmer than most regions of the realm. Tall, reedy wandering cactus slide through the sand, and tiny spider-like succulents nest in crevices. The desert is littered with few landmarks; rusted trailers, the debris of planes or dusty tombs. Dry mudcrack flats and the husks of oasis lake beds give only memories of water.
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Sanctum Archives / 9 threads / 56 posts
This is where all closed threads will be stored. Expired characters are stored in the staff archives, to prevent plagiarism. If there is something you would like to retrieve from the archives, please notify a staff member.

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Exhibits and Endorsements / 167 threads / 4 posts
Advertising and affiliates.

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